Sunday, September 23, 2007


In the tokyo trip, still couldn't find the amaging fruit juice package. But i found them in the book.
Then i knew that the juice had designed by Naoto Fukasawa深澤直人 which in an exhibition of "HAPTIC".
For the exhibition, they invited creators from multidisciplinary fields to make objects that focus not on color or form but on the sense of touch as their primary motivation. It's really a very interesting show.

Quoted from the book:

Banana juice: The package exists. It was not made specifically for bananas, but the texture and design were. Notice the eye-catching label.

Kiwi fruit juice: Flock-printing (or electrostatic flocking) is used to deposit brown fibers onto the dark-green surface of the package. The result is this kiwi-like texture.

Soy milk: The hard tofu texture is given to the white package of juice. The attached straw changes the package's "tofu" identity to that of "soy milk"

Other than the juice package, the show had so many amaging products. BYW, i think they all not for sale.

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