Monday, August 25, 2008

Athens VS Beijing

Between simply and grand, which do you prefer?

My point of view is, creative is more important, I am more into the clean, simply, minimalist and conceptual ideas.

In the Athens 2004 Opening Ceremony, I love the boy "driving" paper boat on the water concept very much, some "forms and sharps" came out from the water also very creative and beautiful! They were simple and lovely, but memorable. Bjork in the Closing Ceremony was also great! :)

For the Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony, it's really very grand and magnificently, they spent a huge amount of money and men power in the ceremony, i like it also, just the overall feeling was a bit expected...

p.s. Couldn't find any Beijing Olympic video in youtube :(

Athens 2004 :

Beijing 2008 :

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