Thursday, December 4, 2008

Exhibitions, views and foods in Tokyo and Osaka

100% Design Tokyo / 21_21 Design Sight / Design Tide Tokyo / ggg Ginza Graphic Gallery / MOT Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

I visited tokyo in early Nov just because of 100% Design Tokyo. I found the most innovative and trendy Japanese industry design in the 100% Design Tokyo and Design Tide Tokyo exhibitions (mid town, noppongi hill). Second Nature was the modern and high tech. arts those by Tokujin Toshioka, he also created the amazing space there in the exhibition. In GGG, m/m paris design company is the theme. Only had their poster works, a bit disappointed that couldn't see their nice cd cover jobs. I didn't walk in the MOT Museum as that day had closed, too bad!!!

奈良 / 清水寺 / 金閣寺 / 東福寺 / 嵐山

Overall felt a bit disappointed as the leaves are not red enough, and the weather was not very good, raining sometimes. But the environment there were very nice and calm. Hope can visit there for night view again soon.

Had the very delicious breakfast which cooked by my friend, and very nice tenpura in 淺草 (大黑家), Won ton noodle in Osaka also very nice, and ate in 松屋 many times... lol!

special thanks to: taz, yutaro and hiro, very enjoyed your company :)


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